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Quality Training in Construction trading name was started in 2011 around March in response to the market need for responsive training not being met by other providers in the area. With 25 years’ experience as a bricklayer, holding a Cert IV in Building and Construction management, a class C builder’s license in ACT and NSW, and my passion for training and extensive industry connections, I felt I could provide the service the industry was looking for. 

In order to develop my skills and ensure that a market existed, I worked with RTOs as a trainer part time for 3 years. After this period, I established a partnering agreement with the registered training organisation Australian Vocational Training Academy. This partnering agreement has given me the opportunity to extend my skills in the VET sector and to continue to build my client base. As a result, the business developed through this arrangement and careful research of the decision has been made to register LJS Constructions Pty Ltd trading as Quality Training in Construction as an RTO.

Vision Statement

At LJS Constructions Pty Ltd trading as Quality Training in Construction we are dedicated to working with our clients to achieve their career goals. With this focus in mind we employ skilled and experienced trainers who have a passion for the industry, respond to the needs of our clients and maintain connections with the industry this ensures that the training delivery is relevant, current and of high quality.


Lynne Sheffield worked as a bricklayer’s labourer, from the age of 18 until she was 23 years old where she entered into her apprenticeship as a bricklayer. At the time there were no other girl bricklayers in Canberra when she starting out bricklaying. Men did tell Lynne of other ladies who were bricklayers – a lady in Tasmania and I think one in Queensland – so it really wasn’t unheard of, but Lynne did have some challenges she had to work through. Throughout Lynne’s apprenticeship she was involved in the Government pathway programs where she would go into the schools and teach the young girls about her job and what is was like, on occasions she would build, with the girls a project in their schools. This is when Lynne first felt she loved teaching. The majority of her time, throughout her apprenticeship was spent on major construction sites laying blocks. After Lynne finished her apprenticeship she work for several years with other bricklaying gangs on cottages (residential sites) before she went out on her own with her own gang bricklaying/blocklaying in the residential sector.

Lynne did her Cert IV in Building Construction and was taking her business into the area of building out door entertaining areas, as her interest and work had predominately taken her into the Landscape Construction sector. At the same time a position as a Trainer/Assessor in Cert III in bricklaying/ block laying training the apprentices was offered which she could not emotionally let go of.

Within 7 years of being in the Education Industry, Lynne had worked with two other education institutions before Lynne founded Quality Training in Construction.

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