This book provides valuable information especially for the D.I.Y person whom is interested in building a Pizza Oven for themselves or an apprentice in bricklaying/block laying or Landscape Construction. They would find this whole book very interesting.

The information which this book provides is as follows:

  • Information about the process of transitioning from a wage earning bricklayer to becoming a principle contractor is in the My Story section.
  • The idea – takes you from an idea, to drawing the plan and then working out what materials and the types of finishes you would like to use.
  • Knowing your site – Predicting the issues you could have with the site and having the solutions to help make the job run more smoothly.
  • Plan of work – Breaks the Pizza Oven down into jobs that need to be done creating a work and material delivery schedule.
  • Calculations – Calculations on all materials and what labour costs you would need to look at. Creating a material list and the suppliers you shall be using.
  • Written Quote –The information that should be written in the quote and what does not need to be put in.
  • Running the job –Helpful tips on preplanning which keeps the job running smoothly.
  • Job completion- Payment for the job completed, paying tax and GST, paying suppliers and contractors then yourself. Job done!

The book then goes into great detail how to build the Pizza Oven, all with pictures to show the process. There is information about issues that you need to watch out for and how to eliminate them should they occur. The practical application goes in this sequence:

  • Slab down – all about formwork, steel fixing and concreting.
  • Perfect base- Setting the job out, Heights and gauge. Preparing for the floor slab and laying the floor.
  • Spider back – setting out and building the arch doorways and the dome.
  • Outside skin –Building a Round dome finish or a square finish plus how to build in the flue.
  • Finishing touches – Directions on how to lay the cultured stone and tiling.
  • In the Appendix – there is information on the:
    • essential equipment needed
    • Pizza dough recipe
    • Mathematics on PI
    • Calculations for the Pizza oven arches and the template brick.
  • A Construction Worker/Bricklayer/block layer or Landscape Construction on wages wanting to become a Principle contractor or a principle contractor whom has just started out would find the subtitle becoming a contractor and The Plan section of interest. Or for a principle contractor whom is still on the tools would find the actual section on building the Pizza Oven of interest, Ide say with the level of knowledge and skills they would have already acquired over the years of working, The building of the dome and the flue would be of most interest to them.